An umbrella brand for a suite of technology companies. The purpose of Bombora was to attract top talent, simplify the company structure, and reduce time spent by HR explaining the type of work Bombora engaged in.


At Bombora team building was hugely important. The company would run cultural days and offered a lot of perks to employees. As part of these perks the company issued an annual t-shirt. 

We used the hot Bombora pink colour as a flash colour that would reveal our personality. While Bombora is a corporate firm it wanted to show our cheeky fun side. 

As a result we would show alter egos when someone would roll over on a manager. It would feature their favourite superhero. 

The sketches below show some of the initial sketches for the 2015 t-shirt.

Below shows the final shirts and the characters I created for these t-shirts.

The concept

There was a real 'work hard, play hard' culture at Bombora. The chosen concept was centered around the saying, "We are the bees knees, ants pants and ducks nuts". Employees would have to vote on the shirt they wanted. Voting and getting employees involved created a nice buzz around the office and employee feedback was fantastic.

An infographic showing life at Bombora. These were given out at trade recruitment fairs and showcased on our website.

A campaign we ran called "We see things differently", We wanted to attract attention from developers at a Camp JS summit.

The concept

We used binary code to say "We see things differently, do you?" The idea being that you could look at it and dismiss the binary. However the more curious minds would get our message and be rewarded with understanding the message. We applied this artwork to stubby holders, banners and business cards.

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