30 years

Our goal was to generate awareness for the .au namespace for its 30th birthday. The main objective was to generate awareness, get media coverage and engagement on our social posts. 

We achieved this by running a year long campaign. We centered a campaign around 30 years of technology hoping to appeal to people's nostalgia.

likes above target

retweets above target

mentions above target




impressions above target


Research at the time showed that Twitter graphics that had the most engagement with users were

  • original  as in not a stock image
  • animated gifs performed 35% better than static images

We created 30 gifs for the 30 years of tech, these were released for 30 days. This campaign tapped into a feeling of nostalgia from our audience.

As the goal was to raise awareness, a large part of our strategy was to send media press packs with messaging about the campaign and some goodies in the hope they would post it on their social channels.

Posters created internally to raise awareness about the campaign, the aim was to leverage the firm's 2000+ employees to help us promote the campaign on their social channels. We also sent an eDM to staff giving them the correct link with utm codes, hashtags and some pre prepared tweets / posts and imagery.


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