Our goal to raise awareness among female entrepreneurs in the technology industry to start their own business and align the .CO brand with this message.


We achieved this by creating a global campaign that launched on Women in STEM day. The campaign ran on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, programmatic and remessaging advertising. Content was also developed outlining how to become an entrepreneur and showcasing successful female entrepreneurs. We also created an infographic highlighting the gender pay gap and lack of women currently working in STEM.

Be .COurageous

We created an infographic that was hosted on the .CO website. We also developed infobytes to make the most of this content so it could be shared it on .co's social channels. The below shows a sample of these.

Where we started

Brainstorming and drawing sketches. Focusing initially on Grace Hopper who has been credited as the pioneer of programming. Below shows the initial sketch and finished artwork.

Mocking up artwork. Grace was used as an example. Grace is famous for many things but one quirky fact is that she termed the coin 'debugging', after finding a moth inside a computer. Grace taped this moth in her sketch book, the sums on the left are Grace’s handwriting and arithmetic.


Client feedback was that they liked the style but wanted the .co branding to feature more prominently.

After crowd sourcing this artwork we came to the conclusion that we had to abandon this approach. We decided that it would be more beneficial for the campaign to have multiple  versions of artwork so the campaign could have more longevity and appeal to a wider audience.

The below shows 3 inventions that Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Gertrude Elion created. Ada was famous for inventing the first computer, Grace is recognised as the first pioneer in programming and Gertrude has saved thousands of lives through medicine she invented.

Animation example

Planning the html5 ads for the campaign.

Below shows the final layout and messaging


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