Our goal was to grow a quarterly domain name industry magazine called 'Behind the Dot'. We achieved this by expanding the audience and utilising contributor's social networks to promote the magazine.


We made significant design changes to the website to facilitate and feature the magazine more prominently on the site. We did the same for eDM'S to our existing subscribers. User research was done on the covers to ensure we used imagery that resonated best with our audience.

Behind the Dot

We achieved this by

  • Making UI changes to the website to feature the magazine more prominently 
  • Improving the eDM to show easily accessible information to the audience 
  • Crowdsourcing covers to see what resonated with our audience best

What this improved

  • Accountability within the team, deadlines were being monitored
  • Timelining the process
  • Adding extra proofing checks
  • Brainstorming ideas on how to grow the magazine

increase in online downloads 


size of the core team I managed


To grow the readership of the magazine we developed a strategy of featuring external contributors. This allowed us to tap into new readership markets and raised awareness for the magazine by getting contributors to share our magazine on their social channels. Below shows a couple of the people we featured and their social following.

Georgia Beatty

CEO Startup Victoria

6.4K Twitter followers

Dan Tehan

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security

6.3K Twitter followers

Sarah Moran

CEO Girl Geek Academy

3.8K Twitter followers

As part of the project we sent out eDM's to our mailing lists. These were re designed to cut down the amount of information we were sending and summarizing the top articles of interest to our audience. We also linked back to the website to the article so we could track the analytics on this.

increase open rate

increase click rate



We collaborated with people to contribute to the magazine that were related to the technology industry and had a good social following. The social media strategy was monitored and expanded. A 'run up' social campaign was developed, Tweets were sent out as teasers before the magazine launched. This resulted in a significant lift in downloads.


engagements on Tweets


impressions on Tweets


Tweets sent out


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